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Pigments for Chrome Balloon

ITEM No. :PG001

Product Details
  • Pigments for Chrome balloons
Approx. order quantity:
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Product Details

This pigments is used to produce the Chrome balloons.

We are the exclusive supplier of chrome balloon pigments in China.

Order step:

1, latex balloon manufacturer test the chrome pigment.

  • if color is nice and metallic
  • if the pigment  no chemicial reaction, and no  bubble with latex
  • if the latex can storage over 2 days with pigment

2, if sample no problem , the manufactuer can order chrome pigment from us

3, do step 1 before mass production

if  all ok,  Congratulation! you can continue mass production.

when you meet any question,please feel free to contact our compaany.

(some supplier promissed you can producing chrome balloon by him pigment.

please test carefully. or you will waste your latex and money on your producing!!)

chrome balloon color catalog as blow.

we also can provide over 20 color of Macaron color for latex balloon

chrome balloon


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