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Gift Box Balloon Weights

ITEM No. :GW011

Product Details
  • Foil wrapped gift box balloon weights
  • 180 grams in weight
  • Custom color or custom printed wrap foil are available
  • 4 color gift box balloon weights are always in stock
  • Approx. order quantity:
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    Product Details

    A unique table decoration idea is to utilise balloon weights and hang your inflated helium balloons on special themed weights. Each weight can hold around 6 standard helium inflated balloons. They come in a variety of styles, colours and we stock them in many different party themes.

  • Gold Dots Balloon Weight Gift
  • Silver Dots Balloon Weight Gift
  • Blue Dots Balloon Weight Gift
  • pink Dots Balloon Weight Gift
  • purple Dots Balloon Weight Gift
  • green Dots Balloon Weight Gift
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