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Led Balloon(New)

ITEM No. :LB010

Product Details
  • three lighting modes: fast blink, slow blink, steady on
  • LED light - glows for up to 72 hours
  • Pack of 5 balloons
  • Mixed Colors Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Red, and Pink
  • Perfect for all social events or for decoration
  • Material : High Quality Natural Latex + PP +Battery
Approx. order quantity:
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Product Details
  1. three lighting modes: fast blink, slow blink, steady on

(There is a contact switch on the top of the balloon)

the Led light on the top of balloon, see below image

2 we have 5 color to choose


3 the weight of LED Light+ Balloon is  6.04g

4   5 Pcs led balloon per bag


5  You can watch below video how it working(Gently press the top switch)


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