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Helium Partner

ITEM No. :HP001

Product Details
  • we can control inflating  helium gas or not  by  foot switch/ Wireless remote control switc/Control panel switch
  • we can supply power  to helium partner by power  or power adapter
  • the helium tanks need to  setup a pressure reducer before use helium partner
  • you can control the balloon size by control panel, such as 5",9" ,10" 0r 12".
  • the control panel can counting  how many small balloons you filled in giant balloon.
  • this tool no including helium tanks with gas.
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Product Details

Small Balloons in giant  balloon is hot popular in party and wedding.

how to fill same valume helium gas to 5" or 9" latex balloons and put the helium-filled balloons into gaint balloon ?

maybe you can see the balloon size when you inflating transparent giant balloon . but if the giant balloon in red or white or other color, how will can do it  ?

the helium partner can help you easy do it .

the helium partner can save much helium , and keep all helium-filled balloon in same size .

please see below vidoe .

( for more details video  , you can search the key words " helium partner" from youtube ).

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