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Confetti Push-Up Pop

ITEM No. :CPP001

Product Details

confetti size is 1cm, round.

20g per pump, and pump size : diamater 4cm, and height is 7cm.

customer design label can attached on pump.

Approx. order quantity:
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Product Details

Confetti Pops are a great finishing touch to any modern wedding party

and festival.

how to use :

1): First fill the pump with the confetti, then close the lid for preparation. 
Remove the lid before using, confetti needs to be manually pushed out, one hand holding the bady when the other hand push the stick upward as hard as possible.
2) NOTE: Pushing height of the confetti depends on the speed of your push, which is about 1 to 1.5 meters, better performance if you can stand higher, confetti would spread wider and floating longer in the air, more beatiful show.
3) Environmentally friendly party paper confetti, container boxes can be refilled with any kinds of confetti and be re-push again and again.
4) Great for party, gift giving, baby showers, party favors, kids party, dinner party, pool party, engagement party and party entertainment.
5) Package Include: 12 pcs containers boxes, & 12 bags of confetti

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