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Balloon Stuffing Tool

ITEM No. :BF018

Product Details
  • Far more portable
  • Easy to operate
  • Simple
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Product Details

With this balloon stuffing tool you can stuff plush toys, 5" balloons, confetti, modelling balloons, shred and much more into 18" balloons or larger. The great thing about the balloon stuffing tool is that you can take it with you on site, throw it in your van or keep it at your store.
Far more portable, it's great to have more than one.
The T-Rex is perfect for creating exploding balloons, stuffing 5" balloons ( more than 100 if you wish ) inside 3ft balloons or even 5ft balloons.
In fact with a the balloon stuffing tool you can fit more than 300 balloons inside a 5ft balloon, which makes for an amazing Exploder.
If the worst happens and your balloon bursts before the event, simply re-stuff the 5" balloons back inside the outside balloon on site.

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