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Balloon Regulator with Gauge

ITEM No. :FT003

Product Details
  • Regulator with Full Size Hand-Tightening feature
  • Easy to Read Pressure Gauge
  • Durable Brass Fittings
  • Fits all CGA-580 or G5/8 Tank Valves (the typical Helium, Argon, and Nitrogen valve on most tanks)
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    Product Details

    Deluxe handtight with rubber latex tilt valve

    The choice of professionals; it is both rugged and easy to use, both for the novice and new user alike. it has an all brass body, with "Piston Type" mechanism, drilled and tapped for tie hook and ribbon cutting.

    A large 1-1/2" cylinder contents gauge that at a glace will let you know how much remains in your tank. It has an industry standard universal and durable rubber tilt valve for filling latex balloons and there is yet another 1/4" NPT port to accommodate a second filler valve.

    It has a very large plastic hand tight CGA580 or G5/8 inlet connection with a sintered bronze inlet filter. The durable hand tight wheel makes connection to gas cylinders quick and easy

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