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Balloon Race Label

ITEM No. :BN011

Product Details
  • Pre-printed balloon race label
  • Great for outdoor helium-filled balloon releases
  • Can be packed with balloon release net
  • 250pcs/pack
  • Approx. order quantity:
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    Product Details

    Balloon Race Labels - Great for outdoor helium-filled balloon releases.

    These balloon race labels are consequentially numbered with a tear-off slip to record the buyers name against the ticket number. The balloon race return details for the finder of the balloon does need to be added to the reverse of the race label.

    Simply inflate and knot-tie your latex balloons, then attach these pre-printed balloon race labels to the balloon-knot. No ribbon needed as you pull the balloon knot through the race label hole punch to attach.

    Great for charity, corporate or private events whereby usually, the furthest balloon wins a prize.

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