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Balloon Helium Valve

ITEM No. :BV001

Product Details
  • Self-sealing Balloon Valves with Ribbon for 9-12" latex balloons.
  • Ribbon Valves save massive amounts of time if you have lots of latex balloons to inflate.
  • 1m of white ribbon attached to each Balloon Valve.
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    Product Details

    Ribbon Valves are suitable for 9" to 12" latex balloons. The self-sealing ribbon valve is easy and simple to attach and save a lot of time knotting balloon necks, then cutting & attaching ribbon. Simply insert the head of the Balloon Valve into the neck of your latex balloon, inflate with helium then pull the coil of pre-attached white ribbon to extend. The Ribbon Valve has 1m of white ribbon attached. These Balloon Valves are also reusable.

    Balloon Valves are widely accepted as the best Balloon Valve on the market.

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